Update on Affording Your PAH Medications

Update on PAH TreatmentsThere is good news and bad news.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.  Good Days announced that they have no further funding available for 2017 for PAH patients.  Now the good news – Caring Voices announced that they will reopen their funding for 2017 beginning Thursday December 8th in the morning.  It is unclear how long they will remain open and how many patients they will be able to help.  Patients should call 888-267-1440 first thing Thursday morning and apply.  Expect long hold times as many patients will be calling.  You may try their website application (caringvoice.org) as well.  Lastly, Accredo has a financial assistance program that may be able to help.  Patients should call Acreedo at 877-540-7452 and inquire about the COVER-U program.