Help Arrives for Some PAH Patients Who Can’t Afford Their Medication

News about PAH

Thousands of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension patients across America are now experiencing a crisis.  They previously received support from Caring Voices Coalition. With the closing of Caring Voices, many of these patients have been unable to find foundation support, leaving them responsible for many thousands of dollars per month to receive their PAH medications.

The PHA and other patient advocacy groups have been working with the federal government to find a solution.  The Office of the Inspector General has recently notified PAH drug makers that they are relaxing their restrictions on drug companies providing free medication to patients who have Medicare, Medicaid or CHAMPVA.  Click here to read the full letter from the OIG to drug companies

In order to gain access to this program, patients will have to contact the manufacturer and specifically inform them that they had previously received support from Caring Voices and that as a result of the loss of Caring Voices support they can no longer afford their medication.  Click here for a list of the manufacturer contact information.

We suspect that this is not going to be a permanent change but only a temporary response to the current crisis.