What Is Personalized Medicine?

If you watch the evening news or read the newspaper then there is a good chance that you have heard the term Personalized Medicine.  The most common area where we hear about this is in reference to cancer treatments.  But what does it mean? When your doctor makes a diagnosis, and reaches for a treatment, the doctor is trying to match the best treatment for the individual … [Read more...]

My PAH Comprehensive Care Center Is Too Far Away

PAH Comprehensive Care Centers are a great place to get care for pulmonary arterial hypertension for several reasons. They have providers specially trained in PAH and other advanced lung diseases, they offer research studies to advance the understanding and treatment options for pulmonary arterial hypertension and they have dedicated nurses to help support their goal of … [Read more...]

FAQ’s: CTEPH, Blood Clots, Corrective Surgery, PAH Centers

Your Questions Answered Who should be worried about CTEPH? Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) develops when blood clots accumulate in the lungs (pulmonary arteries).  Most patients that develop blood clots in the lungs are able to dissolve these clots with the help of blood thinners.  However, some patients may never be aware that they have had a blood clot … [Read more...]

September 2017 Update on Clinical Research Studies for PAH

Despite tremendous progress over the past 20 years, PAH remains an incurable disease. Only through ongoing clinical research trials will we continue to advance the care of PAH patients. Below I highlight some of the ongoing and soon to begin research studies for PAH. Ralinepag This is a molecule that is similar to Uptravi (Selexipag). The phase 2 study was recently completed … [Read more...]

When Should I feel Better After Starting PAH Treatment?

This is a very important question.   Patients with PAH are often very frustrated by feeling poorly, often for one to two years prior to formal diagnosis with PAH.  Once the secure diagnosis is made and treatment is started there is a sense of urgency for both patients and doctors to see tangible evidence of improvement.  Improvement is measured in many different ways.  You may … [Read more...]